Living the La Vida Holga Life

My Holga
I currently have my one and only Holga, which I got in January 2012 from my best friend. It’s a black Holga CFN 120, which I use to shoot both in 120 and 135. Truth be told, I’m still experimenting with both types of films, so I don’t have a favourite just yet. I also have a Hasselblad 500cm on loan from my best friend, and a Fujifilm X100. Sometimes when I’m unfortunate enough not to have any of the cameras with me, I shoot with my smartphone, a Samsung Note 2. These are my main three (film) cameras that I use (mobile phone aside). Anything else are just passing phases.

An online editor by day, I’m also a mother of one cheeky little girl (you’ll see her in some of my pictures) and truly love seeing the world through a lens. It’s still a learning journey for me, but one I hope will take me many places.


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