120 or 135?


I’ve shot the Holga with both 135 and 120 film and I’m undecided about which I love best. The 135 offers more shots, obviously, and that makes it a little easier to travel with. But somehow it doesn’t have that same feel that the 120 has. Or maybe it’s just all in my mind. I suppose it would only make a difference if I was going to print the picture. Though I do think the 120 offers a nicer vignetting at the edges. And part of the Holga charm is the vignetting isn’t it?

And for those who are curious, the shot above was done on 135, in Sri Lanka.


5 thoughts on “120 or 135?

  1. I haven’t shot with the Holga 35, but I use the 120 fairly often. I just love the 6×6 square images it gives. And agreed, the vignetting can be so strong with the 120 version. I feel it also has more of a soft focus look, with heavily blurred edges and a crisp center. If the subject is framed carefully, the Holga 120 can yield some powerful images. Anyhow, this is a great capture with the 35mm Holga!

      1. Ah, they make so much Holga stuff! I didn’t even know the adaptor existed : ) I do occasionally load 35mm into my 120 Holga to get sprocket hole images. It’s pretty easy to do – one just needs lots of tape, some foam, and a handful of rubber bands. I’m not sure if you’ve tried the modification, but it can be a lot of fun ^^

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