The sentimental camera


I remember a long time ago when I was about 12, using a manual rangefinder camera that my mother had. To knew nothing about it except that it was a Canon and how to focus it and snap some pictures. And I did manage to shoot some stuff at that age, though I don’t know where the pictures are now.

I recently discovered it again only to find it was in pretty bad shape. So I brought it down to fixed up and serviced at the Camera Hospital and was wonderfully delighted when it came back almost brand new. I know it probably would have cost less to buy one off eBay for less than what I paid to fix it. But it was my mom’s camera which had been gifted to her by my dad. And that’s not history you can buy from anywhere. Plus it’s a camera that’s almost as old as I am.

The picture above is from one of the first few rolls I took on it after it was fixed up, during a photo walk I did with a couple of friends. I really love this camera, as chunky and heavy as it is. It takes brilliant pictures, and doesn’t need batteries to work (big huge plus in this day and age). I think it’s time to put more film in and have fun again.


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