New addition 2 of 2


This is my Rolleiflex f3.5. It was gifted to me and is one of the greatest loves of my life. I’m not even sure I can explain the attachment I have for this camera, but it is truly such a joy to shoot with and I love that it’s easy to handle and use. I don’t shoot with it quite as often as I’d like to at the moment, but everytime I do, I fall in love again.

I’d look at lots of different medium format cameras aside from the Holga but could never really make up my mind. I loved twin reflex camera but knew almost next to nothing about which was a good one to get. But when this beauty came into my life, I was completely sold. I’m not sure I’ll ever part with this camera! I’ve shot a couple of rolls off of it but some haven’t been scanned yet. The ones you see here were developed and then I shot the prints with my phone so don’t mind the suspect quality.





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