New addition 1 of 2


I guess the thing about film cameras is that it’s difficult to find a brand new one in stores that you can buy, unless of course you’re talking about lomo cameras. And in this case, one of the new additions to my film camera collection is my mother’s Canon AE-1. It’s probably not as old as me, but it wouldn’t be far from that. I even remember shooting some rolls with this when I was about 12, and when I started getting back into photography again, I often wondered what had happened to the camera.

Turns out it was hiding in my mom’s closet in a dry box that obviously wasn’t working any more. The shutter was stuck and the lens looked like it had an ecosystem growing in it. A friend suggested I bring it over to Camera HospitalĀ for Steven to have a look it. I had initially thought that the body of the camera would be worth saving more than the lens, but turned out it was the other way around. I’m a totally noob when it comes to lenses, so I told him to save whatever he could because the camera has some sentimental value to me.

And I have to admit, he did a pretty decent job. He saved whatever he could of the original camera (it still has its misshapen eye-piece on it), and fixed up the rest. When I picked up the camera three weeks later, it was working beautifully. Here’s the first roll I shot off the Canon when I got it back – the shots are blur because of me, mostly. It wasn’t very bright in the office so I had to use a slower shutter speed and I’m obviously wasn’t using a tripod either. But other than that, I have to say I’m quite pleased with how they turned out!


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