Photo challenge – the art of eating

F1160004I’m Singaporean. That means I love food and I love to eat. Admittedly I’m not the biggest foodie around, despite having worked on a food website for almost two years. I’m not the sort that will drive out hours and hours just to track down the one hawker stall that is supposedly famous. I guess in that sense, I’m more a eat to live sort of person. As long as I’m fed in the end, I’m pretty happy.

And of course, being Asian, I do love taking photos of my food. It started as a work habit (having had to snap pictures of the food during tastings and such), and sometimes when I think a dish is going to be really memorable, I’ll snap a picture with geotags so I can remember where I was and what I had.

So, after a bit of digression, here is my photo challenge picture. It was taken post lunch at Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh (It’s basically a pork rib soup that’s a little peppery, very lovely on a slightly cold day.) I like this picture because it feels a bit like an organised mess. And the colours seem to pop against the table. And also because I can remember how it tasted, and it’s making me hungry again… I guess that’s what a photograph is supposed to be – stir up emotions (and hunger pangs).

{This was taken on a Zeiss Ikon, by the way. Borrowed from the BFF}


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