Black and white inspirations

Ferro da Gondola, Venice, Italy, 2006 – Michael Kenna

Once in a while it’s always good to get a little inspiration. I was relooking through Michael Kenna’s Holga pictures and also David Burnett’s. I’m starting to see the beauty behind black and white. It’s still not my first choice by miles but I’m intrigued enough to want to whip out a few rolls and play around with it. I think it’ll take some experimenting because I somehow can’t deal with anything that isn’t an ISO 400 (quirk? bad habit? laziness?).

I think what I’ve taken away from seeing these two master’s photos is that it reinstates my love for the Holga. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive gadgets to produce good pictures – at the end of the day, it’s about the image you want to capture. And while I’ve been tempted into looking at other cameras, I have a feeling that the Holga will always be one that I go back to, time and again.

Take a browse through David Burnett’s Holga Eye gallery, it really is quite inspirational.


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