YashicaMat124Fresh off the purchase of the Konica Hexar, I came quite close to buying a Yashica Mat 124G today. It’s a twin-reflex camera that is just the cutest thing ever. I’ve always quite liked the look of TLR cameras, and this one seems to be one of the lighest and most affordable ones around.

I didn’t get it in the end though, because I decided that I don’t need to add to the collection just yet. I have the Holga and Hasselblad for medium format, and another Holga plus the Hexar for 35mm (hmm, and looking at that, the Yashica wouldn’t have fit in anyway, it doesn’t have a name that starts with H. okay that was completely a bimbo moment). And for digital, I’ve still been playing around with my X100.

So, for now, adding more cameras to the collection will have to wait. And maybe one day, I’ll have a cutie TLR to play with. It’s just not today.


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