Introducing the latest addition…

IMG_0035So as it turns out, I’ve now become the owner of a Konica Hexar AF. The BFF has been on the lookout for a 35mm for me to play with. You’ll remember that there were a couple that I was considering before. And as it turns out, this Konica Hexar came up for sale at a pretty good price and in almost mint condition.

I picked her up this morning (as yet, I haven’t given her a name like the rest of the cameras, but she does go along the lines of having a name that starts with H anyway). I’ve only shot about 10 frames off the first roll, and am amazed at how quiet this camera is! Unlike the Nikon 35ti which was like a freight train, this little beauty is much more sophisticated in her delicate shutter click.

I’m really quite excited by this new addition and I can’t wait to get out and see what she can do!


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