There are pictures…

DSCF0760I think we take photos for a number of different reasons (that goes without saying really, but I do have a point I’m trying to make). Sometimes I snap a picture because I want to remember the memory behind it – where I was, what I was doing or who I was with. A simple picture can conjure up almost a million different feelings, but could mean next to nothing to a person looking at it with no context.

Then there are pictures that just speak to you – the ones that attract you because of the way everything fell into place. Maybe the light was in the perfect spot, or something stepped into the frame just at the right second. Sometimes, it’s about the state of mind or mood that you’re in. You may see a picture a few times and think ‘that’s not too bad. I don’t hate it, don’t love it’. But revisit it later on and it could say something entirely different to you.

The picture here is something I snapped while at Phillip Island. It was a very non-descript visit – we didn’t get to see the penguins, and missed out on the koalas because it was 40 minutes to closing time and didn’t think there was enough time to get through it all (plus have to pay to only see like one koala didn’t sound very appealing). But it had great boardwalks and wonderful lines that I seem to like a lot.

Today though, I’m picking this picture because it feels like it speaks to my mood. I feel like I’m on a boardwalk, trying to walk to the end and fighting the wind each step of the way. It’s a long, lonely walk, and one that feels a bit endless. One day, maybe I’ll reach the end. Right now, I’m just trudging along.

[Sorry, I also cheated – this wasn’t taken on film but with my x100]


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