A little side distraction

F1000006To keep me entertained with 35mm film, the BFF handed a Nikon 35Ti to me. It’s a great little camera and one of those that was ahead of its time when it was first released. It’s by no means super vintage, but comes from 1993 and has these great dials on the top to control ISO settings plus aperture. Not bad for a compact camera of its time!

Unfortunately, this one had a bit of a problem with the dials – as in, they didn’t really want to work. Which also meant that any manual settings couldn’t be done. But for the fun of it, we decided to whack a roll of film in to see how it would turn out. Truth be told, it wasn’t too bad – some where blur and a bit of a miss (to be fair that could also be more of a user problem than the camera…) but otherwise they turned out pretty decently, even the one panoramic shot I did.


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