Looking out beyond the sea

Jumeirah BeachLife’s kinda been getting to me lately, and when that happens my wanderlust starts to kick in pretty hard. I have a pretty long bucket list of places that I want to go to – some to experience, some to shoot, and some to do a bit of both.

I’m the sort of traveller that loves exploring. I get bored by big malls (but give me an outlet mall anytime!), and I really love just being out and about whether it’s discovering quirky little cafes or restaurants, or great scenery tucked away in the middle of nowhere. I love being by the oceanside and looking out at the water; I love climbing up a hill and seeing things from a different perspective; or just being out in the dark under a sea of stars.

Sigh. Time to get back out there again. I think one day I’ll have to take the Hassy and the Holga with me.

[This is a picture of the Jumeirah Beach, taken with the Holga]


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