Photo Challenge – Bicycles in Arab Street

Old School BicyclesWhoops, so life got in the way a little bit and I haven’t been keeping up my photo challenge as much as I had wanted to. But better late than never, and I don’t want to keep procrastinating just because I haven’t posted in a while.

This is a shot taken from one of the first outings I’d ever done with the Hasselblad (and if I’m not wrong, this was shot on lomo 400 film) which explains why it’s a bit overexposed. Metering is not a big habit of mine – I tend to generally meter once or twice when I first head out, and then just kinda wing it from there. I remember trying to come to terms with handling the Hassy that day. But some of my most favourite shots still come from those first few rolls.

There’s something about this shot that I really love. I think it’s got a little bit of that retro feel, a little chill, a little relaxed. But I also liked that it was two bikes together because, you know, sometimes things in life are better done in pairs.


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