Photo Challenge – Black and White in Arab Street

BenchI remember this was from one of the first rolls I’d ever shot on the Hasselblad. And it was a black and white roll to boot. If memory serves me correctly, it was part of the roll that was already in the camera when the BFF passed it to me to use. So I was kind of blindly going around shooting, trying to get used to framing and shooting with this hunk of (beautiful) metal.

When I see this picture, I feel slightly underwhelmed by it. I do have a thing for shooting benches, but I feel this one just isn’t doing it for me. The angle’s slightly wrong (I was probably still trying to get used to the left is right, up is down thing), and I think I may have cropped the picture too closely. Two or three steps back might have given the image a bit more context and space to make it a little more interesting.

Interesting note, I really should try and shoot black and white a little more, just to get some practice with it. Somehow my preference is still lovely saturated colours.


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