A shot unlike any other

crossing at the navy open houseOver the weekend, I took the little miss to the Navy Open House that was happening, because I figured she’d get a big kick out of seeing big boats (I was right). While she was there, I handed her the Canon Ixus for her to shoot whatever she wanted.

Here is the shot that embarrasses and impresses me. Embarrasses because I don’t think I could have shot anything this great myself (and believe me, I took some shots that day that only make me feel meh), and impressed because I can’t believe my little girl took this shot!

While I don’t think she deliberately lines up her shots with composition in mind (she said ‘I’ll take a photo of you mommy!’ and when I had a look, my head was chopped off… or maybe that’s how she wanted it. hmm), I do like how everything falls together in this shot.

Here’s another one I caught her taking. She’d been standing in the queue to go for the boat visit and was playing around with the shadows that she was making. Then she whipped out her camera and shot her own self-portrait.

the little miss and her shadow

I really love that she’s enjoying taking photos. She wanted to capture the orange sky of the sunset, but we were on a bus and it was a little difficult. But kudos to her for wanting to try anyway.


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