Photo Challenge – Around my estate

arches and little girlsToday’s entry is about both the camera that I used (the La Sardina) and the photo itself. I thought the camera was a cute little thing, but wasn’t quite thrilled with the pictures that came out from the two rolls I shot on it. They weren’t bad, but they didn’t feel great either. It lacks the Holga’s whimsical qualities and of course, can’t even be compared to a Hasselblad. But it was a fun little experiment, and I did get some interesting shots, I suppose, like this one. And somehow at the end of the day, I think I still 120 film to 135.

So this shot, as you can see is a double exposure. Double exposures are kinda fun in the way that it adds a bit more depth to the story, or shows a bit more action without having to use an action sampler (which are also great but if whatever you’re shooting doesn’t move faster enough, you’ve basically got four of the same shots. Which is fine… but I don’t quite see the point in using up film to achieve that)

Anyway, I’ve learnt you have to be careful that you don’t end up overexposing the shot though, since the same frame is being shot on twice. I kind of like this shot because it shows the little miss in action while we were out on a walk near our house one day. And I kind of like how the pillars frame the picture. I wonder though, if I’d managed to line up the pillars so they don’t like like part of a double exposure, and you can only see two little miss’, if that would have made it a more interesting picture?


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