The Next Steps

ThumbnailsI had a long conversation with the BFF today about my photographic journey, and have realised that it’s time to move from just shooting and scanning to something a little more. At this point in time, developing my own prints isn’t calling out to me just yet – I simply don’t have the space to set up my own dark room and with a little one running around, I’m less inclined to have chemicals she can accidentally get her hands into.

But that’s not to say that I can’t go beyond just shooting and then printing my own shots. It’s time to start curating and putting together images that I’m proud to have created and either putting them together as a mini theme, or printing them as individuals to represent a moment in time.

I guess the underlying thought behind the conversation was – where do I want to go with my photography? If it’s simply just to shoot and capture images, nothing more, then it’s pointless doing it on film – I might as well just keep shooting on digital for that. But I love film and I love medium format, simply for the feel and the depth of details that it gives.

So aside from doing my photo challenge of looking at the images I’ve shot and critiquing them, I’m now also going to start printing. And to throw in another element in the mix, I will also make it a point to shoot at least one roll of black and white a month, because that’s something I don’t do enough of.


5 thoughts on “The Next Steps

  1. You don’t have to set up a darkroom to print. You can just get prints done at your neighbourhood lab. And when you start doing that, you’ll realize why photography becomes more

  2. yeah I get what you’re saying, that’s why the next step isn’t just about printing, it’s also about looking at the pictures and finding themes, moments and images that really speak to me. instead of just shooting, scanning and then storing.

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