During my search…

00020011So as part of the self-improvement I want to make in my photography, I hunkered down and started pouring through the pictures I’ve taken so far, with the mission of finding three that I wanted to print.

That’s when I realised I didn’t like most of my pictures all that much. There were one or two that could possibly, maybe, make the cut. But the rest I was kind of ambivalent about.

And now I feel kind of sad – I must be a worse photographer than I realised.


2 thoughts on “During my search…

  1. Don’t be sad. You’ve taken a step beyond where many ‘photographers’ with much better gear have found themselves. It’s that breakthrough moment, where you will come to understand why you didn’t find anything you liked. I recently went through the same thing and I can’t say that I’ve really overcome it. But as they say, the step to enlightenment is awareness. I had a tougher teacher and I hope to be a kinder one.

    1. hmm. i don’t know. it was just really horrible going through all the prints and then just looking at them thinking that none of them were good. there’s a few i might be proud of, or that i’m fond of. but that may not translate into wanting to print and frame them either. i just feel very disconcerted.

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