Photo Challenge – A Trolley in Little India

00010007To be honest, as I think back on the first days of the Holga, I can’t remember what my initial impressions of it are. And I’m not even sure if I knew about its vignetting and typical characteristics. Which, in a way, could make things really interesting because I had no expectations.

So this week’s photo challenge picture comes from the first photowalk I’d done with the Holga and which I’d also accidentally shot all on bulb mode. What I like about this shot is the randomness of a trolley in the middle of a back alley (I could get all snooty and say the wonderful juxtaposition of a modern contraption abandoned after consumerism has finished its use with it, back left it to fend for itself out in a back alley). I like the vignetting on this, but of course wish it’d been more in focus. I also wonder if it hadn’t been in bulb mode whether the coloured walls would have been a little stronger.

And should I have gone for an angle closer to the trolley and a little lower? In fact, I wonder if a shot of just the wheels against the long expanse of the alley would have made it far better.


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