Food, Food, Food.

I’m Asian, which means I take a lot of pictures of my food before I eat it. It’s partly a habit from my old job where I worked at a food magazine, and would regularly post pictures from food tastings up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (good excuse, eh?). The thing about shooting food is that it’s often difficult to make the food look good. Sometimes you end up with food that looks so terrible in a picture when it really wasn’t that way in real life.

So the trick I learned was two things – perspective and lighting. If I took a shot that just simply couldn’t be saved through post processing or filters, then there was no point posting it for the sake of it. Natural light, is of course, the best. And a bit of food styling never hurt either.

Most of these were taken either with the X100 or my Note 2 (obviously, since I’m not sure how the Holga would handle close up food shots. Though that could be an interesting experiment…)


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