It’s in the details

If you know me, you’d soon realise I’m a details kind of person. Or maybe it’s more that I like to look around and notice things (it’s a trait I think d’Munchkin has picked up from me). I’ll be the one who’s noticed that only one of the street lights is on, or that they’re on but it’s 3pm and they shouldn’t be. Or that there are four BMWs parked in a row at some random carpark. Or that the leaf caught in my windscreen wiper has a heart shape. You know, random details about things around me.

That’s no different with some of the pictures I’ve taken. I think a macro lens would probably be one of my best friends. I don’t need to get incredibly close, but I do love getting near enough to see all the details. Unfortunately, the Holga isn’t the best at this, so I tend to end up using the Hasselblad and X100 for those detail shots.


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