Photo Challenge – Chairs in Arab Street

Chairs in Arab StreetThis picture was taken from the first roll I’d ever shot entirely on my own on the Hasselblad. It’s quite an interesting picture, which is why I thought would be great to kickstart my photo challenge series.

Yes, those are light leaks you see. No, there is nothing wrong with the Hasselblad. This was done entirely by accident, when the roll I had just finished shooting kind of unravelled slightly (I’m told it’s a common rookie mistake) after I’d removed it from the camera.

What I love about this picture though is that the light leak lends itself to the image a little – the empty chairs look a bit desolate, and the light leaks make it seem like the picture itself has been weathered and worn through time. I also love how the red plastic stool kind of matches the light leak (girly moment there).

Would I have shot this any differently? Not really, though I might have gone for a slightly lower angle, and maybe a little more to the right so capture the second chair a bit more.

What do you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Chairs in Arab Street

    1. It’s about slowing down, finding someone to sit and enjoy life with. whether you’re just chatting and talking, or watching the world go by (and then making funny remarks about the people who dress funny)

  1. Like liife we learn from our mistakes. I’ve made loads. The light leaks in this case add to what would be a shot of two chairs.I like it :0)

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