My photo challenge

I’ve decided that it’s time to get with the program a little – if I really want to learn about photography and how I can get better at it, then it’s time to stop being so slack and to actually study and look at the pictures that I’ve already shot.

So here’s the deal (and anyone please feel free to call me out on this if I start to get lazy) – I’m going to post one picture a week of something that I’ve already shot. It has to be something shot on film, whether it’s 120 or 35, or the Holga or Hasselblad. And I’m going to look at the picture, say what I like or dislike about it and what should (or shouldn’t) have been done differently.

Hopefully this gives me a different dimension to just taking the camera out and shooting for the fun of it. I do love that part, but I think it’s time to start delving a little deeper.


4 thoughts on “My photo challenge

  1. Here’s something that might work for you. Pick a subject that’s close to you, that means something important. Don’t tell anyone what it is. Then try to create images that bring that value to others who view the image.

    Art is a form of communication, a means of expression, to express how you feel, and what matters to you. The camera is just a tool to help create that message, much like the difference between a quill, a ballpoint pen, and a pencil.

    1. Hmm I kind of have something like that started, though it’s on digital, not film. But that’s something I figure I can just keep adding to, as and when.

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