Shoot and Look

I have a curious habit with the way I shoot. Most of the time I can finish a roll fairly quickly (except for the current 35mm now in one of the Holgas – the sucky part is that I’ve forgotten how many frames I’ve already shot on it… but that’s another issue for another day)

As I was saying, I have a curious habit. I tend to shoot off my rolls, get a little excited about how it’s going to turn out; finally get the film developed; get them back, study them and pick the ones I like; upload them and then… I kind of just never really go back to them again. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I have some that are my favourites that I might pull out now and again to use here or there, but generally I don’t go back and critique the pictures that I’ve done. I know that through the rolls that I’ve been shooting, I do learn little tips and tricks. But by not going back and reviewing my pictures, am I perhaps missing out on more important lessons of photography?


4 thoughts on “Shoot and Look

  1. Funny I should read this now. I just posted about a book I’m reading, something Callan had been quite excited about some time back. It’s an interesting look into the ‘why’ behind the endeavor, and perhaps that is where you’ll find your answer

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