Lomo film vs non lomo film

When I first started shooting on the Holga, I figured the best option would be to buy lomo film (also because they were having a pretty good deal on, and I’m cheap that way.). But afterall, the Holga IS a lomo cam, so it can’t go that wrong, can it?

I recently shot off two rolls of lomo film and one Kodak Portra 400, and noticed something peculiar. It’s curious that this is the first time the numbers from the film are so obvious on the final print. I was just glad that there were no light leaks (I have decided I do not like them), but am really not sure how I feel about these numbers… The Kodak ones on the other hand, turned out pretty beautifully. Yes, I know, that’s why I should stay away from the low-quality lomo films. I can see the BFF giving me that look already.


6 thoughts on “Lomo film vs non lomo film

  1. Most of the color lomo films are just cheap Chinese films ( Lucky brand ) that are repackaged and sold for higher prices. I actually really like the look of Lucky SHD 100 in 35mm, but I’m not too crazy about their color medium format films. I tend to avoid shooting lomo color films. For color, I really like Kodak Ektar, Portra 160 and Portra 400. I have too many favorite black and white films to mention ^^

    1. i still can’t get into B&W all that much… possibly because i haven’t had much luck with it. they usually turn out to be quite odd, or exposures are just completely off. then again i’ve been only using lomo B&W so far, so that could explain it!

      1. Perhaps. I’ve found the lomo black and white to be better than their color films. The earl grey 100 seems to work pretty nicely. If you can, try out some Kodak tri-x 400. It’s decently priced and has a cool grain structure.

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