Being technical

I think there are several different types of photographers out there – the ones who shoot technically correct pictures, and the ones like me, who simply just shoot. One of the things I love about the Holga is that it truly allows me to see a scene, point and shoot. The shots have that wonderful saturated colours with that lovely little vignetting that I adore. So when I was trying to shoot with the Hassy, I had to get used to the idea of light metering (seriously, what more do you need than ‘cloudy’ mode and ‘bright sunshine’ mode. Gotta love the Holga). Often times I’ll just meter once, and if the lighting hasn’t changed much, I’ll stick to it or just make educated guesses to it (guestimation, in a sense).

I wonder how many people are out there now shaking their heads at me. Whoops. But really, at this point in time I’m not seeking out pictures that move other people or that serve a greater purpose in recording a part of history. I’m just interested in shooting the images that speak to me. And if someone else happens to love it too, then I’m happy.


One thought on “Being technical

  1. And really, that’s all that matters. The camera is just a tool, a paintbrush that you use to capture the scene that speaks to your soul, and your soul tries to capture that fleeting moment

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