Stepping outside the comfort zone

There are two things that I don’t often do with my photography – black and white and portraits. And I almost never combine the two. I don’t think that makes me any less of a photographer, it simply means that my preferred style of shooting is different. But like I constantly tell my daughter, ‘you won’t know if you don’t like something, until you try it’.

I understand why I’m not comfortable with portraits, especially street photography-style shots where you go up to strangers (whether surreptitiously or not) and take a picture. It’s simply because I’m shy. I haven’t reached the stage yet that I’m comfortable enough to be able to shoot people so boldly, unless they’re friends that I already know. That’s slightly ironic considering I want to do a series of photographs entitled ‘In Conversation’, which is about people, well, in conversation.

Currently I have a roll of b&w in the Hasselblad, and brought it along to a house party. I haven’t finished the roll yet so I can’t show you how the pictures have turned out. I will once they’re done though, and hopefully they’re decent enough.


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