The Holga went Freaky on Me

Recently I shot a roll of 35mm in the Holga – I’d modified it slightly to work without the 35mm adaptor. Basically this meant shoving in extra sponges to make sure the cannister itself was sitting properly, and ostensibly also meant that the pictures all shot past the sprockets.

What I hadn’t expected was a roll full of really ‘interesting’ images (that’s the more PR version of it). Personally I think they look kind of freaky. It seems to be a roll full of overlapping double exposed shots. I know I did do a few double exposures, but definitely not a whole roll full of them. In fact, I can’t even tell what most of the images are, and I’m not beginning to suspect that it is actually the camera that’s starting to act up, and not bad luck (or my lack of skill).

Ok having just looked through them again I think I know the problem – I was shooting on bulb mode for most of the roll (accidentally) and that probably created the extra ‘light’ feel for most of the pictures. Note to self: remember to use a tripod with bulb mode. And forget about becoming a sniper.


6 thoughts on “The Holga went Freaky on Me

      1. Ah, I guess you’ll have to tell the lab specifically that you want the sprocket holes to be seen in the scans. I finally saved up and got a scanner for the home. I think it’s a good investment. In the long run, I’ll definitely be saving money by scanning the film myself. My local lab charges half the price for each roll if they do developing only. Anyhow, I look forward to more of your holga shots : )

      2. Yeah, it totally slipped my mind when I sent the roll in! I may just get a scanner one day (or convince the BFF to get one so I can borrow his), but I’m still in the early days of experimenting, so not quite at that level yet!

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