You Can Never Start Photography Too Young

In life I think there are only a few things that you can ever be too young to try – tattoos, piercings and solo travel are probably the only ones I think you need to be at least 18 to do (then again I got my navel pierced at 16 but that’s besides the point).

So when I’m in mommy mode, I like to let d’munchkin try and experience as much as possible. Those table edges? Forget the protectors, she kept pulling them off anyway. After bumping her head once or twice, she learnt to avoid it – there’s really nothing that beats experience.

I haven’t forgotten that this blog is about photography – I’ve recently been letting d’munchkin play around with photography. She’s used my iPhone to snap pics before and has her own little (non-functional) camera that she likes to play with. Last night I let her snap two pics on the Hasselblad – I basically metered and set the EV, focused for her then let her look through the viewfinder to compose and taught her to press the shutter. I think she rather enjoyed the process, so I’m thinking that maybe I might get her a kid’s digital camera that she can throw around and snap pics with… After all, I could be supporting a budding talent!



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