Adventures of the Hasselblad

Before anyone accuses me of selling out – I have not given up my Holga yet, and part of this photographic journey is to always experiment and try new things right? Even if that means trying out new cameras to play with. The beloved BFF, my photography fairy godfather, kindly lent me his Hasselblad 500cm to play with. I’ve always loved these old school cameras and heard so many people raving about the quality of pictures that came out, but never quite experienced it for myself… until i used it for myself.

It takes a little getting used to (left is right, right is left, up is down… was someone on drugs when they created this?) and it’s always very important to meter your light correctly to get the best shots. I don’t like metering. I’m used to picking up the Holga, guestimating what the light should be and then just firing off a couple of shots.

So the Hasselblad has taught me to slow down a little, to look at the scene that I want to shoot and take my time composing. I have to admit, after seeing the first two rolls come back, I’m just slightly hooked on it. I only wish it was as light as the Holga is! (I also managed to get light leaks onto the roll of film – hadn’t wound it tight enough after I was done with the shots! Could make for an interesting experiment…)


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