When Images Don’t Stay In Their Own Frames

One of the quirks or problems I noticed (depending on whether you we’re a glass half full or half empty kinda person) was that my frames sometimes overlapped, so I’d end up with one really random picture that was actually made up from two separate pictures.

In some cases it worked out kind of cool, and I’m a little puzzled why this would happen on the medium format film when I was following the numbers in the film very diligently (the 35mm on the holga I can kinda understand given the arbitrary sticker I have to follow rather vaguely to advance the film properly). I’m sure in some cases you can probably figure out a way to use this to your advantage to create some pretty awesome pictures, without going into double exposure territory.

Here are some interesting accidental overlap shots I created.







4 thoughts on “When Images Don’t Stay In Their Own Frames

  1. I like these, very nice!
    Are you sure you have the little arrow in the back window pointing at the right size? And if you want to shoot 6×4.5 you have to put a little frame in the camera before the film.
    Good luck!

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