The Fail Shots

As much as I love my Holga and the pictures it produces, it’s not always fun and games – or in this case, it’s not always going to turn out. The first few rolls I ran through the Holga were ISO400. The BFF had also bought some ISO800 medium format which I thought would be interesting to use. A higher ISO means I should be able to use it indoors, ostensibly, so I shot with bright interiors. Unfortunately, out of the three rolls I shot, only about four shots came back.

What exactly happened? How could my shots possibly be underexposed? I’m pretty sure my settings were right… I also ran through a roll of black and white ISO100 medium format film, which ran into the same problem. Now I’m wondering if it’s me, the film or the camera.



4 thoughts on “The Fail Shots

  1. Sometimes Holgas need a bit more light than expected. Try using the B (bulb) setting. If you have a tripod, great! If not, try to steady the camera on something flat and solid. On the B setting, you might not need to hold down the shutter very long if the indoor lighting is ample and you’re using ISO 400 or 800 film – just press down for half a second. If it’s rather dark inside, you might need several seconds or more. Don’t give up, and keep experimenting!

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