Confession Part 1 – The Holga is not my first lomo cam

When I first started finding out about lomo cams and their quirky ways, I loved them because, well, they were quirky. They offered something different to what a standard camera out there could, and I love anything that’s just that little bit different. Forget designer bags (be like every other wannabe with their LV and Chanel bags? No thanks), I’m the sort that goes for the more cult brands. But I digress.

So my first lomo was not the Holga, even though I’d read about it, thought about it and kinda wanted one from the beginning. I thought the Diana was cute too (and came close to buying one during a trip to HK in 2008), but never really took the plunge with either of them. Instead, it was the Fisheye that I ended up buying, and even got the underwater case for (I used it once at the Great Barrier Reef and haven’t used it since). I’ve always had an affinity for the fisheye lens and the really unique perspective it could give to photographs. Sadly, I think I may have outgrown it – I haven’t touched it since 2009. Though looking back at some of the pictures that it took, I may just take it out for another spin, just for old times’ sake.


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