My Holga’s light leak

Curiously enough, my Holga didn’t reveal any light leaks in the first two rolls I shot (even as disastrous as they were) but the subsequent rolls made it quite obvious – my Holga’s signature light leak was a big blob near the top middle of the frame.

Right now, I think I have a love hate relationship with my Holga’s light leak. In some cases it added to the picture, and I didn’t mind it so much, in others I had kinda hoped it wouldn’t be there at all.

I guess at this point I’m still experimenting to see how I can work with it (the Best Friend tells me I should shoot a roll with the light leak in mind to create more creative pictures). Though I’ll admit that the perfectionist in me is tempted to paint the inside matte black and tape up the damn thing so I can shoot light leak-free because what I truly love the way the Holga pictures turn out and a light leak sometimes makes me feel like taking an eraser and trying to rub it out. We’ll see how it goes, I may eventually find a way to live with it. Or end up with eraser marks on some of my prints.


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